to a network created for women supporting women


What We Believe In

WiCCM was created by women, for women as a network for support within the civil, construction, and mining industry.

We believe in breaking down stereotypical barriers and supporting women looking to start or build their career in the industry.


What We Do

WiCCM provides support and training for women to help women take the necessary steps to develop a successful career.

Addressing the unique concerns, obstacles, and struggles that women in our industry face, we help to support women become who they want to be, while leaving the industry a better place for women in the future.  


Meet Holly

 After leaving high school, Holly wasn’t sure about her career path. Not wanting to attend university, she became a beauty therapist, and found quickly that it wasn’t the right place for her. With a move to Queensland from New South Wales in 2010, she began her career within the industry as a dump truck operator and traffic controller. She has continued to work in the industry and has over 10 years’ experience.

Wanting independence and financial freedom through a career she loved in Civil & Mining, Holly took advantage of every opportunity to upskill. Holly became qualified in many areas including Operating Plant, Project Administration, Safety Coordinator, and more. Knowing it would benefit her in the long run, she pushed herself to gain as many qualifications as she could. Even with her qualifications, Holly noticed the disparity between the income she received as a female and the average income for men within the industry. She watched as highly qualified female peers would get passed over for promotions and pay rises. Site teams weren’t given recognition for their hard work on a project, while the individuals from corporate offices were attending the awards parties.

Inspired to make a difference and affect change within the industry, Holly created WiCCM. It was established as a platform for women in the field, and women wanting to get into the industry, to receive access to support and training needed to better themselves.

“I want to help women on the ground to learn new skills and get promoted. I want women to know that they have options, that they can make enough money to buy themselves a house, to travel the world, to buy a new car, or to support their family.

I want women to know that they can do anything they dream of. I want to give what knowledge I have, and the opportunities that I have had to other women. I want awards nights for the people out there in the field. I want women to know that you do not need to have a degree to be successful and make a decent income. I want women to be pushed to the forefront and be recognised.”

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